Dropdown Menu Generator

Dropdown Menu Generator

Examples of the three types.
Load immediately
With GO button
With image button


1.  Select the type of menu you want. If you select the "image button" menu you will need to Upload the button image and insert the full address to the image in the text box provided. An example address would be: http://www.geocities.com/member_name/button.gif

2.  Add the menu entries. The left column is the text that will appear in the menu and the right column is the address of the page that the text will link to. If the page being linked to resides in the same directory as the page with the menu then you can simply insert the page name. If the page being linked to is not part of your site then you will need to insert the full address starting with http://

Some Examples:

Page is in the same directory.

Page is on another site.

3.  When all the entries are added, click on the Generate button.

Dropdown Menu Generator
Load selected page immediately
Use button
Use image button (url=)
Dropdown Menu Entries:
Text Shown Link URL

Source Code
4.  Highlight and copy all the code in the box below. Paste the code into your page where you want the menu to appear.

IMPORTANT! If you are planning to use more than one menu on a page click HERE

That's It!
Have Fun