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There are many freeware programs that can help you in the creation of your web pages. The ones listed here are considered among the best.



Color Explorer

An extremely powerful tool that will help you to chose the colors of your homepage.

Color Set

Would you like your website to be attractive to your visitors? Do you have all necessary colors for that? Want to use as much colors as possible? From now on you will be able to solve any problems with the color design of your website rapidly and easily.


Program to get colors from your screen with the build in magnifier. Zoom 1 to 10. Modify colors with the RGB or HSV slide bars. Copy the color to the clipboard as Hex, Decimal, RGB or HSV value. Direct changing the RGB and HSV values. Store used colors on the visible stacks or add them to a color list visible in the color combo box, creating your own color lists for your projects. Copy the screen behind the magnifier to the clipboard as Bitmap. Save magnifier image as: Icon or Bitmap.


An html color picker that offers a variety of pallete manipulations and allows to easily save your favorite colors for quick access. The hex color code can be copied to the clipboard ready to paste into your html document. A color picker allows you to select any color off your screen and manipulate it using the programs features.



AceFTP 2 Free

An all-around FTP client with a user-friendly interface. It delivers speed, reliability and powerful features, including a built in Explorer-style site manager, server-to-server file transfers, simultaneous site browsing, concurrent file transfers, integrated file preview viewer and more. The program also allows you to resume broken transfers and monitor them graphically with the Transfer Rate Viewer. For webmasters, it supports setting of file permission on the remote server, using an easy to use properties dialog. Additional features include firewall support, auto-dialup, logging, support for external viewers and more.


A powerful multithreading FTP client with some cool features: Multiple connections to ftp server, Downloading while browsing another ftp server, Resuming of incomplete transfers, Transfer of entire directory trees. Integrated ZIP and RAR archive testing of downloaded files. Other features: Drag & Drop Support, Queue Timer for performing unattended transfers, URL support and more. LeechFTP is not being developed any further, so there will be no support, fixes etc.

Linos Ftp Client

A simple FTP program to upload and download files from an FTP site. It offers basic functionality like delete, rename, create directory, or delete directory and an easy to use, Explorer-style interface.


The most widely used FTP client for Windows. WS_FTP LE is a fast loading and very solid FTP program that has been around for many years. It offers most features you need for FTP browsing or web site uploading, including a site manager and many other features. To install the free version (personal or educational use only), you have to choose *LE*.


A fast, easy to use, explorer like FTP client, which allows drag and drop and button upload and downloads. Stores multiple server entries. and has a command line area.



1st Page 2000

1st Page 2000 is a great HTML editor, that has apparently been abundant and is no further developed. It comes with many great features and is still used by many people. The program interface is similar to HomeSite in layout and features and offers a Beginner mode, as well as Advanced modes. 1st Page 2000 supports all the standard HTML features as well as many wizards to create tables, frames and much more. In addition, the program comes with an optional WYSIWYG interface and tons of java scripts and DHTML effects, ready to be inserted into your pages.


AceHTML Freeware is a powerful HTML editor that comes with all the standard HTML editing features and also offers an extensive array of additional features, including a HTML syntax checker, a code explorer for source code navigation and over 175 built-in DHTML and JavaScript samples. AceHTML Freeware also comes with a built-in style sheet editor for adding CSS2 styles to your web site. The editor interface supports syntax coloring for for XML, Perl, ASP and other languages and comes with a built-in browser preview that allows you to switch between the code and the browser view. Additional features include a file manager, spell checking, syntax validation, custom tags, auto-correct, multi-document interface, table wizard and much more. AceHTML 5 Freeware is a very well featured HTML editor with many features and enough flexibility to suit advanced webmasters and newbies alike.


This is the old freeware version of HomeSite, now a commercial product (Allaire's HomeSite). Even though a little old, the free version is still a great choice for all your HTML editing needs. It features syntax coloring, table editor, frame wizard, browser preview and a lot more. The program also includes the famous HomeSite QuickBar , a tabbed navigation menu that allows you quick access to commonly used tags and wizards as well as your favorite applications.

HTML Coder Pro

A full-featured HTML code editor. Assistants support fast and clean generation, and smart TagHelpers use TagHints and AutoCompletion to directly aid the Web author in writing code. The program includes small Web site management tools and much more.


A full-featured editor and an integrated development environment designed to help HTML, XHTML, XML and script authors to edit, format, lookup help, validate, preview and publish web pages. Newcomers to web page development can benefit from letting it point out errors and provide suggestions on how to create standards compliant pages. Experts can save time spent on common tasks using the highly customizable and extensible editor while maintaining full control over multiple file types including HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, XSL, JavaScript, VBScript, ASP, PHP, JSP, Perl, Python, Ruby, Java, VB, C/C++, C#, Delphi / Pascal, Lisp, SQL, and more.

Matrix Y2K

A complete Text Based HTML Editor. It has every feature you need to create a beautiful website.

MAX's HTML Beauty++

An advanced HTML editor that can edit as many files at a time as you want, plus it has customizable syntax highlightning, unlimited undo / redo, drag & drop editing, right-click tag editing, template support, keyboard macros, auto updating code snippets, custom tag library, tag case changing capability, spelling & grammar check and more... There are also 28 Tag Designers for almost every HTML tag, a Power Toolbar that contains almost all HTML tags, Built-In Image Browser / Viewer with GIF Optimize function and ability to convert existing GIF / JPEGs to WBMP image format which is used by WAP-compatible mobile phones, Built-In Java Beauty Scripts (rollovers, DHTML menus, slideshows, etc.), Built-In Support for HTML TIDY, Internal Preview and much more...

Top Dawg HTML Editor

Top Dawg HTML Editor has many features including: Built in FTP Client, Color Picker, and HTML viewer. Has multiple levels of undo and redo, syntax highlighting, drag and drop links, images, and audio, user customizable buttons, and the ability to load and work on multiple files simultaneously. It includes support for forms, frames, lists, tables and style sheets. Files can be viewed in several browsers and the built in viewer.


A versatile, text-based HTML editing program provided free for non-commercial use as an alternative to expensive shareware programs. It has an uncluttered interface and a variety of useful features, including intuitive dialogs for adding images, tables, links, lists, sounds, forms, scrolling text, hex values, special characters, frames, body and font attributes, and more. A Tag List dialog contains definitions of nearly all HTML tags (including HTML 4.0) and their attributes. Templates, drop-down menus, multiple toolbars, tag coloring, and user-configurable buttons aid both novice and advanced HTML authors. An extensive Help file is included. Version 7.73 improves Web-O-Rama's ability to calculate relative paths, fixes several minor bugs, and includes an updated Help file.




A graphics editor that is designed to let you create buttons for your web site without requiring any graphic design experience.


A fast and Simple graphics editor. Supports 8, 16, 24 and 32 bit images. Excellent at tile editing, cropping and cleaning up images. Supports GIF, BMP, JPG, PCX. Split view zoom and basic graphics file support.


A fully featured free graphics editor that offers you all the basic functions and more. You can use it to create new images or animations from scratch or edit existing ones, using a variety of brushes and available shapes. The program also supports Layers and Masks. Additional features are Smart Shapes which let you easily choose from a panoply of fully adjustable filled shapes to produce chevrons, hearts, badges, teardrops, moons, zigzags, and many more. The Export Optimizer lets you see how your image will look (and how much space it will take up) before you save it! Its multi window display provides side by side WYSIWYG previews of image quality at various output settings. Furthermore the program lets you create HTML image maps and also slice images into multiple parts using the visual slicing tool. Additional filters and plug-ns can be downloaded as free add-on packs.


Pixia is the English version of a famous Japanese painting and retouch software for full color graphics. It supports mask, layer and many other editing functions. You can use your own customized brush tips and even use an image file as a brush tip to create unique effects. Its user-friendly interface is suitable for beginners as well as experts. Pixia supports the most common editing techniques and presents a user friendly interface.




Create interactive image maps with GeoHTML. This program has more features than most other image mappers out there. It comes with HTML source view, real time preview, and a large selection of attributes that can be assigned to the selected areas.

Handy Image Mapper

Lets you easily create and paste image map code into HTML documents. You can use image maps to arrange your web site navigation by associating any part of an image to a different link. Handy Image Mapper can map gif, jpg, png and bmp images and supports rectangle, circle and freehand selections. Easy to use, attractive interface. Only supports basic image map code, no mouseover or other scripting elements.




A fast FREEWARE image viewer/converter for Win9x/NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. Multi language support, Thumbnail option, preview option, slideshow, drag & drop support, fast directory view (fast moving through directory), batch conversion, email option, audio CD player, print option, change color depth, scan support, cut/crop, effects (sharpen, blur, Photoshop filter factory), capturing, extract icons from EXE/DLLs, lossless JPG rotation, many hotkeys, many command line options ... IrfanView was the first Windows graphic viewer (worldwide) with Animated-GIF support !


A small, fast and easy to use image file viewer with support for many different image file formats and tons of features like Thumbnailer, catalog creation, batch conversion, color adjustments, image effects and many others. In contrary to it s name, SlowView is optimized for loading and displaying Images as fast as possible.


A multi-format graphics browser, viewer, and converter. It can read more than 400 file formats, e.g. gif, bmp, jpeg, png, targa, multipage tiff, mpeg, avi, quicktime, and many more. XnView has an Explorer like viewer that allows quick browsing of directory contents in both thumbnail and preview views. Its features include HTML page generation, contact sheets, twain support (scanner & digital cameras), batch conversion and image processing, full screen slide shows, image manipulation with effects like 'Tile' or 'Glass', screen capture and file operations. XnView supports 43 screen languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Japanese, and Chinese. Versions are available for Windows 3.1/95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Linux, FreeBSD, Irix, Solaris, HP-UX, and AIX.




A very useful program which contains more than 200 scripts which are useful for all webmasters. Whenever you want to create a web page you always go looking for fancy scripts that allow you to display something in the Status Bar or remove the underline for hyperlinks or even display a pop-up menu. Now, you can use this little program to easily search for these scripts from within the program and then be able to easily copy-and-paste the code, view a demo page, and read detailed info about each script. Program also includes help section and the option to add your own scripts. Other sections include Web Elements, which includes over 45 small icons, bullets and dividers for your site, and a skin chooser.

Dyro Pop Maker

A code generator that assists you in creating pop-up and pop-under windows for your Web site. The program provides an easy to use interface in which you can set the desired parameters for your pop-up and pop-under window, such as the size and behavior of each window, and so on. The program allows you to choose from 10 different ways to launch your popup and can also save your configuration for later. It does not require any Java script experience and creates the complete code, ready to be copied to the clipboard or saved as a file.

Dyro Web Scrollbars

A simple program to create custom colored scrollbars on your webpage. You can change almost every part of the scrollbar, to make it the same style as the rest of your website. Colors can be selected from the Windows palette or anywhere from your screen, using the built in color picker. You can instantly preview the scrollbar as you change it. The finished code can be copied to the clipboard. Also includes a color picker with zoom function

EZ JavaScript

A program that contain 50+ JavaScripts, that can be easily customized for your webpage. Include are such scripts as mouseover buttons, date and time effects, bouncing image, status bar scrollers, mouse cursor trailing effects and many others. The script wizard allows you to change the variables without knowing anything about Java script. The result can be copied to the clipboard, ready to be pasted into your HTML editor.

JavaScript Utility Suite

An easy way to generate customized java scripts for image slideshows, popup windows, dropdown menus and mouseover button effects. The image slideshow feature in particular is very complex and can be customized with background music, custom delays, page and image titles, colors and more. It does not require any Java experience, since all configurations can be done with simple form boxes and selections. Once you have configured and customized the script, it can be copied to the clipboard or saved as HTML file.


With this program you can easy create DHTML menus (menu on this webpage is also created with this program). Program creates ready to use files,to which you only fill your data.

MouseOver Creator

The purpose of this program is to enable non-JavaScript users to create JavaScript Mouse Over effects, quickly and easily. The only thing you've got to do is add the artwork. Features: Works with or without Frames, you can have a second highlighted image, a Status Bar Message for every button, On Click image, save/load button schemes, select background image or color, creates the HTML files with a simple click.

The MouseOver Buttons Wizard

A program designed to make JavaScript enabled MouseOver Buttons. This program helps web developers, whether beginning or advanced, to quickly and easily create MouseOver buttons. Allows preview of your buttons without copying and pasting. Save the information for your sets of buttons.



Xenu's Link Sleuth

A spidering software that checks web sites for broken links. Link verification is done on "normal" links, images, frames, backgrounds and local image maps. It displays a continuously updated list of URLs which you can sort by different criteria. A report can be produced at any time." (this is the fastest link checker I have ever seen)




(show HTML code) is meant for those who write HTML tutorials published on the Internet and therefore have to present HTML code to the reader. This means that some code must be changed in order to show correctly. sHTMLc converts the code you copy to the clipboard.


Allows you to split any image into rectangular parts and export the resulting images along with the HTML table that puts them back together. This allows webmaster to create for creating mouseover effects and offers an alternative to imagemaps. It supports many images formats and includes smart JPEG compression as well as basic color balancing filters.


This handy utility will help you create tables for your html files. You design your table in a spreadsheet (making it much easier) and then convert the file to an html file. Look below for a step-by-step example of the process.



Gallery Wizard

A template based program for creating thumbnail gallery pages for the web. It supports more than a dozen different input formats, with the possibility for creating galleries from several different folders at once. Gallery Wizard renders the gallery pages, thumbnails including various effects (like 3D Border), and can optionally also create HTML pages for each image. By using easy to understand HTML template files with various variables, you can create thumbnail galleries that match your existing site design.


Allows you to manage and distribute your digital pictures. It provides an interface to catalog your pictures (jpeg and gif) in virtual albums that can be placed on your hard drive or burned on a CD (burner not included). Since the presentation is HTML/Java based, you can also upload it to your web site and offer it for online viewing. Each picture may be provided with a comment or a short story. A number of albums may be managed in the project or catalog - they are displayed on an initial index page, so the viewer can choose an album. A project may be saved for later editing and published on a local hard disk along with JavaAlbum viewer. No extra software installation is required to view the published albums. PhotoAlbumStudio is very easy to use, all you need to do is select the images to be included, and generate the nice-looking photo album.


A tool to create thumbnail images from a directory of full size images. The thumbnails can have a custom size, as well as a drop shadow effect. In addition, you can create HTML pages, displaying the thumbnails and linking to the full size image, apply filters and more. Most aspects of the HTML layout can be customized, you can select the colors, specify titles, include comments and more. ThumbHTML also allows you to create HTML image slideshows from your collection. The program supports JPG, PNG and BMP (not .gif).

Thumbnail Gallery

An easy to use 3 step gallery and thumbnail creator. You can choose to create just the thumbnail images or a gallery page with all the HTML code included. The page can be customized in several ways, including picture data and page headers. The program also supports creation of Black&White thumbnails from your images. Supports JPEG format.



Doorway Page Wizard

A tool to create highly optimized, keyword intensive web pages. It features an easy to use wizard, that guides you through a step by step process to create the pages. Doorway pages contain keywords and Meta-Tags that describe your website and are optimized to the search parameters of leading engines. They can help improving ranking in search engines.

Good Keywords

A powerful utility that will allow you to find all the relevant keywords related to a primary keyword so that you can optimize your web pages. For example, if the primary keyword you want to focus is web design it will find the actual words users normally use to find web design services. The results are obtained by querying various web based tools provided by some of the search engines. Now includes a Link Popularity finder!

Meta Maker Wizard

Helps you write meta tags for your Web pages. All the most common tags can be created including title, description, keywords, robots, category, author, author e-mail, copyright, rating, plus the optional refresh tag. The program has the ability to save tags created using the wizard and to load them back into it for future editing. The total number of characters entered into the description tag and the total number of words and phrases typed into the keywords tag are displayed so that you know when recommended limits have been reached.

Net-Worx Promoter

Submits your site to up to 29 search engines (Altavista, Lycos etc.) You can create and save different profiles. Net-Worx Promoter uses Internet Explorer and uses the same submission form that is posted as the "Add URL" page - you can monitor the success of the submission in the built in preview window. The program also generates a log of all submission results.

Search Engine Buddy

Analyze meta tags with this professional offline meta tag analysis program. Design better HTML web pages that are 'Search Engine Friendly'. Edit your meta tags and page body to suit search engines, getting higher placements and top listings. Counts the occurrences of words and phrases in your title, DESCRIPTION, KEYWORDS and BODY of your HTML page. Customize the settings for all the major search engines. Change the tags and save the page online or offline. It has a great browsing feature where you can analyze whole sites by following the links in the browser window. Plus it has links to the 'add URL' pages of the all major search engines. (Requires free registration)



HTML Font Colorizer

A product for Web authors that does only one thing and does it quite well. It calculates the color codes (like #18E700) for creating a line of text that gradually shifts from one color to another. It then creates the proper FONT parameter tags for you to include on your Web pages. You work from the standard Windows palette and can see the results almost as fast as you can type. Once you have the desired design, the Colorizer copies it to the Clipboard, ready for insertion into your total page design.


A simple program that enables you to create HTML text with a great- looking color fade effect. The code can be output to the Clipboard, as well as put in an example template page. TextTone not only allows you to format text with a color fade effect, but also allows you to specify font style (bold, italic, etc.) and face. Provides a full preview before output.

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